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Everybody is going on-line! Internet has become an important market place and it's increasingly critical for companies to have a web presence and really use it for various business functions. Many businesses are offering their customers services like "Help on-Line", "Shop on-Line", "Register on-Line", what could you offer to your customers? What would you say if you are asked, "Do you also offer this on-line"? The following are just a few examples where Internet may change your way of doing business dramatically:

Key Benefits

For merchandisers, sell goods on-line;

For service companies, clients can directly request service on-line, find information, and access the service schedules anytime anywhere.


A-Tech International has focused on helping our clients with their e-business needs and making their web site to benefit their business.

ASP programming: using combinations of technology such as Active Server Page and XML, along with COM objects and VB/Java components, A-Tech International has helped our clients to offer restricted access of client database through their web presence. Members or customers can log in and access real-time information, while the employees at remote locations can communicate with the home office and enter most-up-to-date data wherever they are.
Microsoft Site Server Development: Want your on-line store to be highly scalable and secure? Need to handle huge traffic during certain peak shopping periods? Consider A-Tech’s expertise with Microsoft Site Server Commerce Edition. This comprehensive Internet commerce server enables you to engage customers, transact business, and analyze commerce Web sites in innovative, cost-effective, and dynamic new ways. It also streamlines and integrates your online dealings with distributors and suppliers.
Shopping cart facility for small to medium size merchants: Want a more cost effective way to build your store but also want to have it set up in a quick and easy way? Please consider A-Tech’s easy to use Point & Click store builder. It is just as powerful as it is easy.  It comes with all the tools you need.  Add your store name, Email address and payment options and you are on your way.  Adding products is just as easy!  You can add one or 10,000 products in minutes.  You can add your inventory via a simple one page interface or from Microsoft Access, Dbase or Flat TXT file. You have 24-hours unlimited access to your on-line store management system, and we even have packaged discount for on-line merchant account so that you can accept credit cards on-line in a much quicker way!

To find out more about your options to join the competitive eBusiness world, contact A-Tech’s eBusiness group via ebusiness@a-techusa.com.




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