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Your company name symbolizes your business so let it symbolize your image in the cyber-space as well! How often does the target consumer remember your 10-digit phone number in a 2-second commercial? How about only remembering your company name and letting them visit "your company name dot com" on-line! This is probably the most economical commercial you can find – it’s there 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can be accessed wherever your target consumer may be.

Having a professional web site is to show the customers how professional/knowledgeable you are with your products/services! Ever feel the need to "shop around" on your own pace and decide whom you want to buy from? Those potential customers are feeling the same way – rather than feeling "pushed" in person or by phone, they want to "check you out" by visiting your sites. So show your very best on your site and let them know you are the one!

For more information about creating a professional, attractive, yet within-the-budget web site, contact A-Tech’s web design group via web@a-techusa.com.




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